Vendor Registration

All new vendors must complete the following form to be registered for payment.  You must include your valid tax id information.

New Vendors, Employees, & Contractors Click Here to Register


Time Tracking Software

EverTime Tracking App


Submitting Invoices

Make sure you are registered before submitting invoices.  Submit invoice via email to :


General Contractors and Rehab Vendors

Read the following terms for all general contractors, rehab vendors, painters, electricians, tile, carpentry, etc …
Read GC & Construction & Rehab Terms


Phone Payment Authorization Procedures

Open Phone Payment Authorization doc when calling in for credit card and phone authorizations at Home Depot, Lowes, or Others


Property Scouts

Property Scouts How To and FAQ Sheet


Payment Timing

Accounting paper work is processed each Friday only.  Bills and Invoices received by Thursday are processed and paid on Friday.  If the payment is electronic via ACH you will receive the payment around Wed-Thur of the next week. If the payment is via Bill Payment Check, you should receive within a 5-7 business days.


Our Information

Corp Name: Heritage Select Homes, LLC.

Tax Id : 80-0768805

Our W9 Document


Checking Up on Payments

We process and try to pay bills each Friday. SOMETIMES this does not happen and we pay them as soon as we can get them processed. PLEASE DO NOT call, email, or ask about a payment in less than 14 DAYS from when it was submitted. ACH electronic payments should arrive around Wednesday to Thursday of the next week. Bill Payments via Check will take 5-10 business days.


Physical Checks are being Phased Out

I know some of you guys HATE giving out your bank routing and account numbers. I understand. The reality is that information is written on the bottom of every check you have ever handed out. The world is going electronic. We are phasing out paying vendors by checks or bill payment because checks are constantly lost. Once lost it takes us days to research and find out what happened to it.  Generally it was lost in the mail.    A few vendors are still paid via checks but all new vendors will require ACH registration for payment.


HOA and Associations

General FAQ on HOA Fees and payments


Other Questions

For accounting related questions email  Amy will get back to you.